Jim Craig was born in Toronto, Ontario. After graduating from high school, he attended Sheridan College, where he studied Media Arts, Illustration, Cartooning, and Graphic Story Arts. In 1974 Craig  revamped and recreated the Canadian superhero: 'The Northern Light'. The definitive version of the hero continued to appear in ORB magazine (# 4 & 5) and in Power Comics (# 4). Original Northern Light artwork resides in The Archives of Canada representing one of Canada's few superheroes of historical importance. During the 1975-1995 period, Craig also contributed to various Atlas, DC and Marvel Comics titles, including 'What If #1', 'Master of Kung-Fu', 'Marvel Premiere', 'Marvel Two-in-One', 'Spider-Man: The Trial of Venom', 'The Scorpion', 'The Hands of the Dragon', 'Wulf the Barbarian', 'The 3-D Man', 'Ghost Stories', and 'Weird War', to mention a few.

Craig has also produced numerous giveaway comics, including the popular Jr. Jays Magazine (1993-1998). For the past few decades he has also worked extensively as a storyboard artist for Nelvana ('Inspector Gadget', 'Ewoks', etc.) and other animation studios, as well as for live-action feature films and TV. Among the many movies that he has worked on are Dead Zone, Sea of Love, Johnny Mnemonic and The Big Hit. His television credits include Twilight Zone, Robocop and Road to Avonlea. He also served as the director of Nelvana's Mythic Warriors / Guardians of the Legend animated series.  (More about Jim Craig at IMDb)

In 2008, Craig became instrumental in the resurgence of Monster Scenes, the infamous series of model kits from 1971.  A long-time enthusiast of classic monster-themed kits, Craig is rendering new illustrations and developing promotional elements for the revived series.   

Monster Scenes Store Display
Design/Art by Jim Craig