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At last, the evil cretin is confronted. A gun is drawn, assuring that this nightmare in unholy experimentation will end.  But wait -- the deranged doctor who would be captive has one more trick up his sleeve...


From high above, a consuming shower of concentrated acid drops without warning. Below, the victim's flesh melts away, quickly and completely. A bloodcurdling scream echoes through the dungeon but there is nobody to hear it -- except for the devious Dr. Deadly.

The scream fades, leaving just another skeleton  for the doctor's collection. Yet, as he hoists it up to join the other remants of would-be captors, there's something different about this newest skeleton. There's a strange glow deep within its hollow eye sockets...

This one isn't quite dead yet and it has a score to settle with Dr. Deadly!


Now, you can exact your own brand of revenge with the Monster Scenes 
Skeleton, the all-new all plastic assembly kit from Dencomm. 


(Photo of actual kit, built and painted by Tory Mucaro. 
Glue and paint not included)


Just $16.98 each
(plus postage)   


Includes three terrifying faces 
to bring it to life!

Designed by resident Monster Scenes artist Jim Craig, this Skeleton kit fits perfectly within the Monster Scenes realm. 

Each kit consists of 11 easy-to-assemble parts molded in ghostly glow-in-the-dark plastic. The Skeleton measures 6" tall and comes with a hanging ring and three interchangeable faces. There's also a hanging scaffold with hanging hook that measures nearly 8" tall after assembly. The detailed base includes a drain and detective's badge.  

This is a Skill Level 2 (intermediate) kit intended for builders ages 13 to adult.



I'm really impressed - sculpting, molding, and packing are top notch.  
  -- Andy Yanchus, original Aurora Project Manager

By far one of the COOLEST items of the year!!  
-- Rob  Mattison, Monster Model Review

Every dungeon needs a Skeleton -- add one (or more) to your Monster Scenes collection:

Hang one in the lab. Leave one unpainted so it can glow with a ghostly life of
its own.
Watch out! One might come looking
for you!!

(Custom articulated build-up by Ed Repka.
Detailed instructions coming soon!)


Each kit includes fully illustrated instructions, an
exclusive mini-comic, and a pinup art poster, 
all featuring the art of Jim Craig!

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