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During exploration of an abandoned dungeon, an investigative team uncovered a small cache of replica devices -- a Pendulum -- intended to serve as prototype for an actual working model.  Months later, a second team was dispatched to continue digging through the crumbling structure and rotting earth on chance of making an additional discovery.  They did.  By penetrating a wall adjacent to the first discovery, the team unearthed another replica device, perhaps more sinister than the first.  A crude but effective rendering of a despicable detainment fixture, likely intended as a holding place for soon-to-be victims of the deranged mind that conjured up this nightmarish realm.  As before, these acetate-like sculptures were found with scraps of notes and a detailed drawings.  

This newest find of scale replicas are similarly numbered and apparently limited to the collection uncovered.  Like the previous discovery, these were intended for distribution to unsavory craftspeople who might assemble these examples for the purpose of inspiring full-scale renderings.  For now, it is believed this is the complete quantity of replicas created, none actually getting into the hands of any truly evil artisans...we hope.    

Scrawled upon the decaying specification sheets is the   
  bone-chilling name of the intended chamber of horrors --


Now, this styrene replica of the devious Hanging Cage™ device, presented in this exclusive prototype-only "acetate brown" tone, can become a part of your Monster Scenes collection. This newest find captures the look of the original solid-cast acetate that was chiseled, scraped, and scribed by the device's demented designer.  

Presented in 1/13th scale, this Prototype Edition kit measures 11" tall when assembled and features a removable body-holding cage, a working pulley & winch, and a fiery forge with terrifying torture tools.  An exclusive-to-this-edition 1/13th-scale coil of Black Steel Cable is also included to render a fully functional device.

Each package includes a full-color header card, individually numbered to preserve its uniqueness to the lot of 100.

Additionally, each specimen includes pre-production artwork by Monster Scenes artist Jim Craig, prototype construction diagrams, and a replica of an original development drawing.  


only $25.98 each
(plus postage)


Individually numbered header card. 1/13 scale coated Black Steel Cable for working functionality. Assembly specifications and illustrated diagrams.

Another exclusive offering from 


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