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"Dr. Deadly's Mix 'Em & Match 'Em Mayhem"
Special Edition Poster

Here's some more excellent art by resident Monster Scenes artist and designer, Jim Craig. 

This illustration gives us a peek at Dr. Deadly at work in his lab, devising the Mix 'Em & Match 'Em potential of the Saber Tooth Rabbit and Feral Cat kits. It was this illustration, in fact, that inspired the development of the two newest Monster Scenes kits. With that, it was only fitting we present a poster to accompany the kits.

Printed on glossy stock in vibrant color, this poster measures 11" x 14" and is ready to hang anywhere you choose. And, with all the detail that Jim Craig has rendered here, you'll likely spend hours taking it all in.


$5.98 each
(plus postage)


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