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Classic Pinback Button Collector's Set

At last! The classic Monster Scenes get the classic treatment of being captured in authentic pinback button styling. Harking back to the days of button collecting, this set of four buttons features Dr. Deadly, The Victim, the Giant Insect, and the controversial Rated X slogan. 

Each button is manufactured in the same sturdy standards as the pinbacks you've loved for decades. Measuring 1.25" across, these buttons are perfect for lapels, caps, or wherever. The sturdy construction features a steel backing and safety pin clasp. The vibrant front art is protected with a UV coating. 

Add this classic Monster Scenes pinback button set to your collection today. Plus, with each set you order, you'll get a FREE official Monster Scenes lanyard. It's perfect to wear to events or wherever. Use it to keep and display your Monster Scenes pinbacks.


Just $6.98 per
set of four


Free lanyard with clasp
and ID pouch

Each button features solid steel construction with safety pin clasp.
Wrap-around front art secured with sturdy two-part button assembly.


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